The Truth About Taiwan

The Truth About Taiwan
The Truth About Taiwan - Biden is rattling his sabers at China about Taiwan. Do American families want to sacrifice their sons and daughters to keep China from taking its own Chinese territories?

There is a small (13,000 square mile) island group off the coast of China. In 1693, it legally became part of China and Chinese inhabited it. Japan took it over for about 15 years in 1895, then Taiwan went back to China. China had a civil war between the Republic and the Communists. The communists and the Republic retreated to Taiwan in 1949. The vast majority in Taiwan are Chinese. Their language is Chinese, their religions are Chinese.

In the 1950’s, the American government decided to contain and limit communist Russia and communist China so we got involved with Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan and eventually a bunch of other places.

Most of those military adventures ended badly for America. Trillions and trillions of dollars wasted; thousands and thousands of veterans maimed or killed; hundreds of thousands of foreign civilians killed.

Two groups have profited: corrupt politicians and the manufacturers of war materials.

That takes us to Taiwan today.

Today, Taiwan is on the other side of the world. America is no longer fighting anti-communist hot wars. Today, American war manufacturers sell billions of dollars worth of planes, missles and ships to Taiwan...BUT…China is taking its territories back. It is taking back Taiwan and even Hong Kong. The Admiral in charge of Pacific Operations says that China will take back Taiwan within six years. Since the mid-1950’s, America has signed agreements and alliances with Taiwan. The big question is will America go war with China over Hong Kong and Taiwan.

The answers should be:

- America has no strategic interest in Taiwan or Hong Kong.
- China is a world class nuclear military force. Any war with China would cost many thousand American lives and trillions of dollars.
- In any war with China, only America’s war machine makers would win. Citizens, taxpayers and veterans would lose.

It is time for our corrupt DC politicians to make clear to the world that American men, woman and dollars will not be sacrificed for Taiwan and Hong Kong, which are already Chinese!