They Won't Listen

They Won't Listen
I don’t like to say I told you so…but for years, I have been telling these dingbat idiots to stop. But they won’t listen. First I told Obama, then Biden.

If you invade and bomb countries, like Syria for example, then open your borders to immigrants from that bombed country, you are putting Americans at risk because your bullets and bombs have killed family members of the very persons you now let into our country. And those persons will seek revenge!

Perfect example…Obama invades Syria then let’s in a guy from Syria. Then Biden bombs Syria. A few days after that bombing, the Syrian immigrant buys a gun. Several days later, the immigrant kills 10 Americans at a store.

The policies of these two cuckoo birds have exposed Americans to great danger and no one is holding them accountable! I wonder how the 10 white families (that’s right, all 10 victims were white, since race of victims has become so important) feel about the Obiden policies.

Let me tell you how I feel. The victims were Americans and they were needlessly killed by these bimbos who want to change America to an international Demokrat crap hole. I dislike the policies and I dislike the men.