Embarrassing Congressional Leadership

America has a problem that needs to be solved rather quickly if it wants to become a Greater Nation. The problem is the abuse of Power and Authority by our Congressional leaders by promoting a lack of discipline and violence when solving key issues. Throughout the Kavanaugh hearings, Congress has shown it's animalistic carnal nature by fighting, fussing, screaming and squelching, showing our country how embarrassing our people can truly act. America needs to remember that a leader MUST lead by example, this means that our congressional figureheads along with parents and protesters are being watched closely by our next generations and must act accordingly. How are we to remove violence in our schools, neighborhoods, homes, and country if the leaders in power act in a state of violence? How are we to teach our Youths of this Nation civility if our congressional leaders and organizers are uncivil in their actions? Calling the kettle black will solve nothing, only a better course of action will.


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