The Chicago War-zone

The Chicago War-zone

More American people shot in Chicago this year than in Afghanistan. Last weekend 74 shot, 12 killed. I waited a week to gauge the Democrats' response. I wanted to hear from mouthy Maxine and the Black Caucus, Pelosi, Hillary, and the NFL's kneelers. I looked for their plan, their leadership, their concern about America's wave of urban violence.

These are their stated concerns this week:

1. White people are gathering in DC.

2. Trump and the tariffs.

3. Trump and immigration.

4. Trump and Judge Kavanagh and the Supreme Court.

5. Trump condemned both sides in Charlottesville violence a year ago.

6. "Systemic injustice" by white people.

Maxine, for a change, your mouth is closed. NFL protesters, "white systemic injustice" is not shooting these guns. Young black men are killing each other.

Black Caucus,Trump is not pulling these triggers. Trump condemned the violence and offered his help, which was refused by the Democrats who run Chicago. So what is your plan, Black Caucus?

Hillary, Pelosi, Bernie, you and the rest of your Democrats all up in black neighborhoods at election time, passing out chicken sandwiches. Where are you now? What is your plan?

Answer me! I am waiting! Don't send me a chicken sandwich, send me your plan to stop this wave of violence.