The Attack on Law Enforcement!

The Attack on Law Enforcement!

This year about 40 police officers have been shot, two most recently, in New Jersey.

Our young people are being raised with no respect for authority, including our officers in blue. We must address this.

Also, during the eight Obama years, the "Justice" Department actively fostered the belief that our officers are racist. They actually, purposefully did that!

These two factors have come together and we have an unheard level of attacks on police officers.

Beware of those who hate and attack law enforcement. When someone breaks into your home, or kidnaps your daughter, or assaults your son, who will you call?

Of course, there are a few rotten eggs in every profession, but most officers are honest, fair, hard-working men and women who deserve our respect and support.

Join me this week. Let's thank a police officer. And let us demand swift death penalties for those who attack our police officers!