Prisoners on Strike for "Slavery" in prison!

Prisoners on Strike for

Prisoners are striking two in what they call "slavery"in prison. Dear prisoners, slavery is involuntary. You are voluntarily in prison. Keep your butt out of trouble and that will keep your butt out of prison.

A few words about this present "slavery." The biggest problem with prisons is that they have become Boy Scout camps not punishment places.

Most inmates were sentenced to hard labor. There is no hard labor in prisons. Color TV, air-conditioning, workout facilities, three nutritional meals each day, brightly colored jumpsuits are often so much better than home that over half of today's prisoners get out and return to prison.

They want minimum wages in addition to all of these benefits. How many of them worked to earn minimum wages when they were free? Probably 5%! Now they want taxpayers to pay them for their little menial tasks.

NO!! If we make prisons hard places of punishment, we will have less crime and fewer criminals returning to prison.

This whole strike business is insanity! Comparing this voluntary condition to slavery is demeaning to every slave and every indentured servant on earth!

Yes, opportunities for education, counseling, and advancement are important. But prison should be a place so bad, so hard, so punitive that no one would ever come back.