Obama's Election Meddling Around the World!

Obama's Election Meddling Around the World!
Judicial Watch, 

the government watch group, has uncovered documents which conclusively prove that the Obama administration interfered and meddled in the elections of Egypt, Libya, Albania, Russia, Macedonia, Britain, and Israel. The documents also showed an unholy alliance between Obama and George Soros' extreme leftist Open Society Foundations.

When this Russia collusion humbug started, I reminded everyone who would listen that Russia may have meddled in our election but Obama has been meddling and interfering in the elections around the world, probably more than any other president in American history!

And the link between an American president and extremist leftist organizations must disturb every American.

This news from Judicial Watch will probably be overlooked and under reported but of course, anything involving our present president will make the front pages.

All of this collusion and interference in all of these nations' elections by Obama and not a peep from anyone!

Oh! But just let Donald Trump leave up the toilet seat in the White House and you will hear weeping and wailing from across the media!